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Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

This beloved tear-jerker from John Michael Montgomery takes me back to blasts from the past.

I didn’t have a lovely childhood. But the few treasured moments I was allowed to escape to my aunt’s house was full of pure happiness. My parents and my aunt would meet at a halfway point of three hours to exchange us kids. So the long car rides to fun-town began with country music, young conversations and joy filled memories. We would sing at the top of our lungs to every word of this song. Of course when you are 4, some of those words mush together to make it sound like you know the lyrics, but it’s all the same I technically know the song by heart.

She would take me everywhere. Shopping, play dates, the beauty salon she worked at. Her love for me just beamed like blinding sun rays out of the cloudy sky. I adored her more than life itself.

(I hope this picture comes through)
When I hear this country song or others from circa the 90’s, I have fond memory flashes to a time of innocence and freedom.


Liked Zero to Hero? Updates and New Challenges

Ello, daily post. New to blogging. May I have a piece of advice please? I’d like visitors/followers, but also wondering if my content is even attractive? I’d love some input and also how do I search out fabulous bloggers to follow? Thank u for the time, much appreciated!!

The Daily Post

Here at The Daily Post’s top-secret volcano island headquarters, we’ve been talking a lot about Zero to Hero — how to make it better, what comes next, and whether to issue retro-futuristic silver jumpsuits to all participants.

Thanks to your feedback and questions, we’ve got a lot of ideas! We thought you’d want to know what happens now:

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Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered

26 is my special day. In September, 27 years ago. It doesn’t feel like a long time but it’s starting to show on paper. When I was a child, the 26th of every month was a tickled reminder every month closer to my birthday. The day where I was the attention, I was made to feel special, if only for one day that was enough for me 🙂 I like the number, it’s an even one, a perfect number really. I’m quite content with this number because it supplies a feeling of happy memoirs of my childhood.